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Looking after yourself and others

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This page is to help you find a way to look after yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There is no standard definition for spirituality; however, it can include being with others in a shared belief (like a religion) or being in a space by yourself that you consider sacred.

Whatever your beliefs and values are, this page is aimed at helping you with ideas around self-care that you can effectively use to help you or someone you know when needed. We have created an approach called CALI, "Create A Little Inner-peace," here's a factsheet for you. Be sure to also check out For us if you haven't already to get some answers to questions you might have. Then try the  Free Helplines in New Zealand page when you're ready to talk to a counsellor.

Our minds can race forward. Take time and chill

What can I do to look after myself?


Create a safe environment that supports you to rebuild and grow your life. Whether it is being part of a support group or surrounding yourself with people that want you to succeed, creating a space that you can trust is one of the first steps to getting your life back on track.


Find ways to grow your knowledge on this topic. Every bit you learn will make you confident in finding a way forward. Videos on recovery from sexual abuse and other topics can be accessed here.



Connect with people who you trust and that can include the following helplines when you’re feeling low.


Be active: Start with a daily walk/run around your street, at the beach or in nature. Exercise helps improve how we feel. You could also practise some self-care like Hikitia te Hā Tai Chi. Hikitia te Hā is a set of simple breathing exercises developed by Rawiri Hindle and supported by Canterbury’s All Right?



Find ways to enhance your spirit. This can include being with people that give you love and encouragement. Some of the bros and support people we have spoken to said music, prayer and meditation can be helpful.

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