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Services we offer you

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At we offer a range of Kaupapa Maori services that are research based, indigenous focused and align with Te Aorerekura, The National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence.


Check out our list of services below.


Counselling and Rongoaa

We are ACC registered and offer a combination therapy of counselling and rongoā (Māori healing). Our sessions aim to create a space where individuals can learn more about themselves and acquire new skills to help themselves in future situations.


Our counselling approach focuses on understanding and learning more about your lived experiences and the outcomes of those traumas (e.g., sexual violence, addictions, depression, anxiety, mental distress, feeling suicidal). We then co-design a treatment and wellness plan for you.

This is balanced with rongoā approaches such as mirimiri and romiromi, which help to relieve pain and tension. While mirimiri focuses on our physical body such as tissue, muscle, bone, and blood, Romiromi stimulates the internal organs and systems of the body, and both work together to balance the mauri (life force) of the individual.

By combining both approaches a feeling of wellness is achieved overtime.

Please email us for specific inquires.


Clinical and Cultural reports

Some bros (not all) who have experienced sexual and domestic violence are more likely to seek coping strategies like substance use and violence to deal with painful childhood memories. As a result, this can affect our mental health, leading many (not all) to commit crimes to pay for their addictions.


Trauma and addictions also affect families and partners, resulting in restraining orders and limited access to see children.

At, we can provide clinical assessments and cultural reports for the New Zealand court system. Clinical assessments and cultural reports can help provide the court with a greater understanding of the defendant, their family history and cultural background, and the factors that have driven their offending. This report can inform a judge's decision when reviewing your case.


You or a lawyer can request it and there is a cost involved depending on the time taken (email us). We can work with you to help find a way forward where we can. Please email us and let us know the best time to contact you to discuss this. 

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