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StandingTallNZ.org is a "Tangata Whenua" (people of the land) created website informed by the latest academic research.  StandingTallNZ offers a wide range of information under a strong kaupapa of Māori and Pacific values. In New Zealand approximately 1 in 3 Māori and 1 in 5 Pacific males will have experienced some kind of sexual harm in their lives compared to 1 in 8 Pakeha males. How then can we support our bros?

The solution to this question came from Māori and Pacific men who had been sexually abused as children. We asked them what kind of questions and information might be useful for other men in a similar situation to get help online. We also wanted to know how this information should be presented. This included use of our own reo and pacific languages.

We then asked their support people and organisations that don't know much about this topic what they would want in a website to support themselves and their bros / clients.


The result of this community project is a simple, clean and easy to access website that connects with Māori and Pacific people. The strength this website also offers is relevant images, cultural content, non-clinical language and instant support to helplines. We are working on a monthly basis to ensure all the content is relevant and meaningful.


In 2020 our website was a finalist in the Public Good category for the Best Design Awards. This is a prestigious award presented by the Designers Institute of New Zealand.

Nau mau, haere mai! Welcome!




A logo of StandingTallNZ.org

Our logo

Our logo features a tree with roots spreading into the ground to talk about strength, stability and being grounded. The branches represent new paths, while the leaves represent, vision, hope, endurance and aroha. 


The whakatauki (proverb) is: "Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou," which means (seek after wisdom for the sake of your well-being). This proverb reminds us that in a world full of noise, confusion and hurt, wisdom and wellbeing will come when we ask questions with a genuine desire to understand the answers.