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Free support 24/7

Getting access to face to face services, online help, and free numbers can be found on this page. Suppose you are looking for options for specific male sexual abuse recovery services around the country. In that case, our friends at Male Survivors Aotearoa have an extensive list and can help you here. Other services like depression, mental wellness, and health can be found below. Information regarding suicide prevention can be found here. The phone lines are FREE, and you can ring from any part of Aotearoa. Most phone lines are available 24/7 unless stated otherwise.

This is a phone. Use one to get help.

0800 044 334

Safe to talk is a confidential support service for men to talk to a counselor about  being sexually harmed

0800 543 354

Lifeline provides you emotional support by listening to you  first and then finding a way forward

0508 828 865

The Tautoko Line has trained professionals who are available to support you when your feeling suicidal

0800 611 116

Healthline is staffed by experienced registered nurses who can provide you with health information and advice on care

0800 787 797

The Alcohol Drug Helpline provides friendly, non-judgmental, professional help  about your own drinking or drug taking  they can assist with information, insight and support

0800 654 655

Gambling Helpline provides you with support and practical programmes around gambling financial issues

 0800 778 778

Quitline support people who are thinking about quitting smoking, are working to become a non-smoker, or have relapsed 

0800 688 5463

Outline helps people to discuss topics around sexuality, like gay, bisexuals as well as gender. Call in the evening, 6pm- 9pm

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